Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Inspections

Smoke Alarms - A Sound You can live with Replace alarms every 10 years

We conduct residential smoke alarm inspections on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday mornings in a 9:00 am to 12:00 pm window. You may download our application and mail it in with your $25.00 payment (checks made payable to the "Town of Tewksbury") or come by the Center Fire Station (984 Main Street) during our business hours to schedule. If you are sending it by mail, we will email you once we receive it to confirm the date you selected is available. View Residential Smoke Alarm Inspection Application (PDF) 

All smoke alarms must be under 10 years old.

All alarms need to be properly located and tested prior to the inspection. You will fail the inspection and be charged a $25.00 re-inspection fee if any smoke or CO alarm does not work due to a mechanical defect, has missing or dead batteries, or if your house numbers are missing or not visible from the street side of the house.

House numbers must be permanently affixed to the house by either nails or screws and they must be clearly visible from the street. House numbers affixed to doors or a mailbox alone do not meet this requirement.

Detector Requirements by Date of House - Tewksbury (PDF)
Smoke and CO Flow Chart (PDF)
A Guide to Massachusetts Requirements (PDF)