Prevention & Education

Prevention WorksSubstance abuse prevention and social emotional learning education is critical in an effort to reduce, or at the very least, slow down, youth alcohol and drug use in our teens. Research has demonstrated that if a teen can hold off using alcohol or drugs until the mid-20s, their chances of becoming addicted to any substance is dramatically reduced.

Studies also show that 9 out 10 adults who struggle with some form of substance abuse began with nicotine, alcohol or marijuana.

Social emotional learning (SEL) skills teach youth how to deal with common every day stressors in a healthier way. These skills also help youth become resilient while providing them the ability to identify and process traumatic stress events that will affect them for a lifetime. This break down can add to risky behaviors as well as alcohol and substance abuse issues and the more we know, the stronger we will be.

Curriculum for All Ages!

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Zero to Three

Zero to Three Early Connections Last a LifetimeZero to Three provides resources to families with children 3 and under, promoting that early connections last a life time. With COVID-19, they have put together resources for caregivers to ensure children still progress through these critical developmental stages. Zero to Three provides resources on how to set limits, how to talk about topics (such as: masks, grief and death, and why children can't go to school or see their grandparents), and transitioning back to child care.

Visit the Zero to Three website to learn more.

National Institute on Drug Abuse Advancing Addiction ScienceNational Institute on Drug Abuse

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has compiled an extensive list of curriculum for all ages from elementary through high school.

Multiple sources are utilized giving teacher and parents (who have become teachers) a variety to choose from. You can search by topic, grade level or academic standards. Something for everyone!