Vision Committee Tasks

  • Develop branding and marketing for the community visioning concept to include but not limited to the Committee name and slogan/logo.
  • Develop a Scope of Services for a request for proposals to hire a consultant to facilitate community visioning workshop(s), develop a vision plan, recommendation and implementation.
  • Interview potential firms to undertake to Consulting work and make a recommendation to the Town Manager on awarding a contract.
  • Work with the consultant to set dates and structure for Community visioning workshops.
  • Communicates results and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and then to other elected boards and the community. Any and all recommendations of the Committee, including funding recommendations for facility upgrades or in support of the Committee’s work, shall be made only to the Board of Selectmen unless the Selectmen direct otherwise. The Board of Selectmen may choose whether to further these recommendations, including presenting the request to Town Meeting, based on the Board’s determination of what is in the best interests of the community.
  • Measure, track, and report progress on topics studied.

The Vision Committee is responsible for conducting its activities in compliance with all relevant State and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the Open Meeting Law, the Public Records Law and the Conflict of Interest Law.

The Committee cannot sign or bind the Town to any contracts.  Contracts must be presented to the Town Manager for prior approval and signature.   All contracts and services for events must follow proper procurement and bidding procedures regardless of the funding source.

There is $40,000 allocated for this Committee to hire a consultant to facilitate workshop(s) develop a vision plan, recommendation and implementation  Any further funding will need Board of Selectmen., Town Manager or Town Meeting approval.