Recycling Containers / Toters

 Recycling and Trash Toters

Households have one Recycling Toter which is owned by the Town of Tewksbury, it is blue with a green cover.  If you require more please call 978-640-4300 and we will order one for you.

Households have one blue toter for TRASH that is owned by the Town of Tewksbury. Each toter has a serial number engraved on it that is assigned to the address it was delivered to. YES you can stencil your address on the toter if you want to. 

If your toter is missing you have to report it stolen at the Tewksbury Police Station and bring the report to the Town Manager's Office so we can order you a new one.

  • If needed, additional carts may be purchased.  The cost for additional trash disposal is $145 for 64 gal. toter, and $120 for 35 gal. toter annually.  People that have purchased additional toters have typically ended up returning them as they realized that they could get by with only one by recycling more. 
  • If you can not close the lid of your toter then you have overflow trash and you need to purchase Overflow Trash Stickers.  Overflow Trash Stickers are available from Republic Services at an additional cost of $5 per sticker.  These stickers are to be affixed on your extra trash bag(s).  Bags can not weigh over 50 pounds each.
  • To purchase these stickers please contact Republic Services at 800-442-9006.