Recyclable Items

Questions? Call 978-640-4300

Questions? Call 978-640-4300

Recycling Calendar

Everyone asks the question, “Can I recycle this?”  This area will attempt to answer this question, as well as “How” and “Where,” but keep checking back as we will be updating this section often.  If there is an item you have a question about for which we haven’t yet provided complete information, please contact one of the TRC members so that we can assist you.

Moving Boxes in good condition?  
(30 MINIMUM – free pickup) Standard moving boxes that were bought new and only used 1x.  Tape and writing is okay.  Flattened and reusable(not wet or torn).  Pickup usually get out there within a day or two. Benezra Boxes and Packing Service  781-646-8734

Single Stream Recycling: Paper/Cardboard, Commingled Plastics (#1 to #7)/Glass/Metal (tin & aluminum) Cans
Every Other Week; Curbside (click here to see if your street is in the red or blue section for determining when your street recycles)

  • Our paper/cardboard program accepts almost all types of paper/cardboard that you have in your house.  Be sure to recycle all of your junk mail, newspaper, and cardboard boxes (broken down to 3 ft x 3 ft).  This is the most significant waste stream to recycle in your house in terms of saving tax dollars.  The weight of paper recycled significantly exceeds that of commingled items. 
  • Keep your recyclables as far away from your trash as possible (positioning trash and recyclables on opposite sides of the driveway is best) so that there is no question by the collection contractor as to which should be recycled.
  • Our program is set up such that you do not need a recycling bin to recycle.  Keep recyclables a few feet apart from trash.


Twice a year (October and April); Curbside (see Calendar)

  • Branches shall be no more than 3 ft. in length and 4 inches in diameter.  Branches should be tied into bundles or placed in separate barrels.
  • Do not put branches and shrubs in plastic bags or paper bags.  No grass clippings.

Twice a year (October and April); Curbside (see Calendar)

Leaves shall be placed in paper bags or separate barrels.
Avoid grass clippings, pine needles, pine cones, and small sticks with the leaves.  Do not put leaves in plastic bags

Christmas Trees

  • Once a year (Typically first week in January); Curbside or DPW (see Calendar)
  • Do not leave on tinsel or trimmings.  Do not place the tree in a plastic bag.

White Goods/Appliances/TVs/CRTs
Scheduled Curbside Pickup (call Republic Services [800-442-9006] to schedule a pickup.

Items include refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, TVs, computer monitors, tires, and other metal items.
These items will NOT be picked up without a prior call to schedule the pickup

Bulky Items
Curbside (see Calendar)

Items include sofas, loveseats, large living room chairs.  Call Republic Services (800-442-9006) to schedule a pickup at no extra charge.

The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project will pick up old tires for FREE to help prevent breeding of mosquitos.
This is for Residential use only, no businesses: