How Do I Purchase Trash/Recycling Carts or Trash Stickers for my Home?

How to Purchase Additional Trash Cart -or- Recycling Cart

Please click here to order an Additional Trash or Recycling Cart by mail 

Please click here to order an Additional Trash or Recycling Cart on-line

Trash Stickers

Trash Stickers are available for trash bags that will not fit in your trash toter once the lid is down. 

Stickers are $5.00 each and once purchased, you place them on your extra trash bags.  Those bags go out on trash day and please make sure the stickers are facing in a way that the trash truck knows to retrieve them.   Bags cannot weigh over 50 pounds, cannot contain construction material, and will not be picked up without a trash sticker.

How to purchase Trash Stickers: 


Click Here and select Trash and Recycling Carts you can order Trash Stickers from that page.

By Mail

You may mail in a request for stickers to the Town Manager's Office located at 1009 Main Street Tewksbury, MA.  Please include:

  • self-addressed stamped envelope
  • a check payable to the Town of Tewksbury for the amount of trash stickers you require ($5.00 per sticker). 
  • don’t forget to include your contact information (including phone number).

Drop Off: You can also drop off your request in the Town Hall drop box located to the left of the parking lot entrance door.   There is also another drop box located between the Town Annex and its parking lot. 

New Construction/Residents ONLY:

Carts will be processed once the Building Department confirms Your Occupancy Permit 

Please click here to order by mail

Please click here to order on-line