Tewksbury Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee (TDEIAC)

I.      General Information

Members: Up to nine members, with three Town staff serving ex-officio
Appointed By: The Tewksbury Board of Selectmen
Length of Term: Three years
Appointments Made: TBD
Appointments Made: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Clerk as determined by TDEIAC
Meeting Time: As determined by TDEIAC & shall be posted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law

II.    General Purpose

The Town of Tewksbury DEI Advisory Committee strives to reaffirm the worth and dignity of every human being. Tewksbury’s diversity will be embraced and celebrated through the following activities:

A.  Educate: Organize awareness campaigns, trainings, discussion groups, and other learning opportunities.

B.  Advocate: Share resources with Tewksbury town employees and committee members, local business owners, faith and non-profit organizations, educators, and residents.

C.  Celebrate: the growing diversity of Tewksbury and desirability of being a resident of or doing business in Tewksbury as well as recognize Tewksbury groups and individuals that have made a positive impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the town of Tewksbury

III.   The Charge to the Committee from the Board of Selectmen

A.  To promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and build a stronger, more unified, welcoming Town that respects and recognizes both its growing diversity, and its commonalities. To nurture a community that promotes and encourages respect for all its residents, businesses, religions, Town employees, nonprofit organizations, cultures, and guests. To foster respectful, civil, reflective public conversation.

B.  TDEIAC shall carry out its mission, related to the general purpose statements through:

1.  Public advocacy by promoting and encouraging understanding, acceptance, and diversity, as well as recognition of DEI&I efforts in the community.

2  Sponsoring DE&I educational programs and partnering with other non-profit, religious, municipal and state organizations as needed.

3.  Manage, develop, and assist various stakeholders in developing outreach and engagement campaigns.

4.  Matters of a sensitive nature will be held in confidentiality and appropriate resources will be employed as needed.

5.  TDEIAC will work with similar committees within other municipalities and with organizations with which it shares a common purpose, and may use any available materials, advice, or assistance from other municipalities and organizations that may be helpful in accomplishing its mission. It shall meet monthly or at least ten times each year.

IV.   Criteria for Membership     

A.  One member of the Board of Selectmen or its designee; 

B.  One School Committee member or its designee;

C.  School Superintendent or his or her designee, ex-officio;

D.  Town Manager or his or her designee, ex-officio;

E.  Police Chief or his or her designee, ex-officio;

F.  As many as six members-at-large, all residents, appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms, with staggered terms initially of one, two, and three years. The Board of Selectmen should endeavor to appoint members that represent diverse communities  including, but not limited to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, culture, religion, and other differentiations. 

G.  Student representative of high-school age.

H.  All members must be sworn in by the Town Clerk.

I.  All members must comply with the State Conflict of Interest Law and the Open Meeting Law, and

J.  As representatives of the Town, members shall have the ability to work well with others and respect diverse points of view.

V.     Contracts

TDEIAC shall not sign or bind the Town to any contracts. Contracts must be presented to the Town Manager for prior approval and signature. All contracts for services, equipment, and supplies shall follow proper procurement and bidding procedures regardless of the funding source. Presently, there is no funding allocated for THRAC. Any funding will need Town Meeting approval

VI.   Budget

Any funds will need Town Meeting approval and funds will be for the purpose of programming, educational resources, and other ends to achieve its mission.

VII. Amendments

The Board of Selectmen by vote at a public meeting may from time to time make changes to this document or disband THRAC as deemed in the Town’s best interest.

Approved by the Board of Selectmen at a meeting held on February 23, 2021