Unarmed Robbery Arrest - 8/21/2017

Unarmed Robbery Arrest

On August 14, 2017 the Tewksbury Police Department responded to the Speedway Gas Station located at 1920 Andover Street, for a report of an Unarmed Robbery that took place inside of the store. A male suspect entered the store and forcibly took a carton of cigarettes from the store clerk's possession. The suspect then exited the store, entered into a vehicle, and fled the area. A witness was able to obtain a partial plate of the vehicle the suspect got into.

Officers were able to obtain an identification of the suspect through an investigation and the surveillance video from the store. An arrest warrant was issued for Justin Schuurman, 27, Homeless, for Unarmed Robbery. Schuurman was subsequently arrested by the Lowell Police Department for the warrant and arraigned at Lowell District Court on August 18, 2017. Schuurman is the suspect in several other Unarmed Robberies in surrounding communities.

The Tewksbury Police Department urges any citizens who suspect criminal activity to call the Dispatch Center @ 978-851-7373.  If you wish to remain anonymous please call the Tip Line @ 978-851-0175 or send an email to tewks_detectives@tewksbury-ma.gov  

Justin Schuurman