Detective Division

The Detective Division currently consists of 11 police officers. Tewksbury Police Detectives investigate all major crimes, including (but not limited to) homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, arson, breaking and entering, larceny, fraud, juvenile crime, assault and battery, and drug trafficking/distribution. Detectives are tasked with following leads/evidence developed during the preliminary stage of an investigation through to the successful conclusion/prosecution of the incident/offenders. The Detectives receive specialized training in the arts of fingerprinting, photography, interviewing, interrogation, drug recognition/interdiction, evidence collection, and crime scene preservation. The Detective Division’s goal is to provide professional service to the community.

Members of the public who possess information about a crime or drug activity, are encouraged to contact the Police Department at (978)-851-7373.  Those who wish to remain anonymous may call the Drug Hotline at  978-851-0175.

Motorcycle Unit

The Tewksbury Police Motorcycle Unit currently has two motorcycles and seven motor officers on various shifts. The Motor Unit is responsible for patrol activities such as enforcing traffic laws, responding to emergency situations, funeral escorts and parade details.  Each motor officer must complete the Northwestern Traffic Institute motorcycle operator’s class.  The Northwestern Traffic Institute offers one of the most difficult motorcycle classes in the nation.

Regional Response Team (RRT)

The Tewksbury Police Department is a member of the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC). The North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) is a consortium of 46 Police Departments in Middlesex and Essex Counties, as well as the Essex County Sheriff and Middlesex County Sheriff. The members of the organization operate pursuant to an interagency mutual aid and assistance agreement. As part of this agreement, each member commits resources from its law enforcement agency to assist other members in an effort to increase and improve their capabilities and capacities. NEMLEC is comprised of a Regional Response Team (which includes a Tactical Unit, Special Weapons and Tactics Unit “SWAT”, K-9 Unit, and School Threat Assessment and Response System Unit “STARS”),Motor Unit,  Computer Crime Unit, Accident Reconstruction Unit, and a Crime Scene Services Unit. Officers associated with the various Units receive specialized training in crowd/riot control, crisis negotiations, response to school violence, use of specialized weapons, drug interdiction, and many other areas of specialization within the law enforcement profession. .  

In addition, there are currently nine Tewksbury Police Officers assigned to NEMLEC Units (7 RRT and 2 Motor Unit).  These Officers have assisted in the security of many major events in the last five years, including the Democratic National Convention, Raytheon Strike, Red Sox Playoffs, World Series, and Parade, Wakefield Protests, and the Patriots Superbowl Championship Parades. This Unit also went to Washington D. C. to assist with security for the inauguration ceremony of the President. NEMLEC is a nationally recognized organization known for it’s experience and professionalism.

Traffic Unit

The Tewksbury Police Department Traffic Unit provides dedicated traffic management, enforcement and education to the motoring public. In addition to providing regular traffic enforcement the unit is also actively engaged in addressing problem traffic areas in Tewksbury. This includes looking for solutions for dangerous conditions and improving traffic flow. Problem areas in town can be reported to the traffic unit by clicking this link, unless the problem constitutes an immediate risk to public safety which should be directed immediately to dispatch. 

The officers assigned to our Traffic Unit are also two of our four child safety seat technicians. For more on this program go to our Child Passenger Safety tab on the left.

Community Service Unit Bridge Program

The Tewksbury Police Department's Bridge Program provides comprehensive services to address the mental health and substance use needs of families as a whole by assessing treatment needs, making recommendations and coordinating care for community members at risk and their families through the support of the Tewksbury Police Department, Lahey Health Behavioral Services and other community resources. Ultimately bridging the gap between treatment providers and community partners, this initiative increases awareness and education around behavioral health issues, including substance use, increased access to treatment and reduced recidivism. The Bridge Program is committed to serving those who are most vulnerable: individuals with serious mental illness, substance use disorder and other high-risk populations. We serve adults, teens, families and children and work in a variety of settings. The core values of The Bridge Program include respect for individual's needs and preferences; a commitment to serve individuals regardless of their needs, resistance and presentation; increased access to service; value for individual natural support systems; and promoting needed services.

Contact us:

Community Service Officer Jennie Welch, jwelch@tewksbury-ma.gov 978-851-7373, EXT 230

JDP Mental Health Clinician Matthew Page-Shelton, 978-215-9642 or 978-851-7373, EXT 353

Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative Program Director Maria Ruggiero, mruggiero@tewksbury-ma.gov 978-851-7373, EXT 352

Family Services Officer Kimberly O'Keefe, kriccardi@tewksbury-ma.gov 978-851-7373, EXT 240

PAARI Recovery Coach Anne Marie Yastrzemski, annemarieamericorps@paariusa.org 978-851-7373, EXT 243