Handicap Parking

Temporary Handicapped Parking Placard/Permit:

Any motor vehicle bearing a handicapped Parking Permit, a Temporary Handicapped Parking Placard/Permit, or a motor vehicle Registration Plate designating the vehicle as one used by a handicapped person, shall be authorized to park in a designated handicapped parking space. The Town Clerk's Office no longer issues Temporary Handicapped Parking Placards/Permits. Anyone wishing to apply for a Temporary Handicap Placard needs to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  1. The Police Department may issue a $100.00 violation notice for not displaying the handicap placard.
  2. There is no temporary parking in the Fire Lane. That area is purposely reserved for emergency vehicles. The Fire Lane is designated on the outside perimeter of the building.
  3. The parking spaces closest to the building entrance are reserved for handicap placard/plate parking.