Committee Membership, Terms & Meetings

  • The Local Housing Partnership Committee consists of 7 members
  • All voting members, must be registered voters in the town of Tewksbury.
  • Members should be committed to the functions of the Local Housing Partnership.
7 Voting Members4 Advisory Members
5 Citizen at Large1 Board of Selectmen Rep
1 Conservation Commission Rep.
1 Board of Health Rep.
1 Housing Authority Rep.
1 School Committee Rep.    
 1 Planning Board Member Rep


The term for voting members is a two (2) year term.

A voting committee member may re-apply at The end of the 2 year term and be given equal consideration along with any new applicants.*

* In an effort to avoid the term of all six residents expiring in year two of the Partnership’s existence:

  • 3 residents will serve a one(1) year term
  • 3 residents will serve a two(2) year term

All residents will serve a two (2) year term thereafter, with only three (3) expiring in any given year.

The term for advisory members is a one (1) year term.

An advisory committee member may reapply at the end of the 1 year term and be given equal consideration along with any new applicants.

If for any reason a public official representative must leave the Local Housing Partnership, the Chairman of the respective public official board will re-appoint an interim representative. Interim representatives, will continue the term of their predecessor on the Housing Partnership.

Selection of Members

Selection of the L.H.P. members will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Recommendations may be made to the Board of Selectmen by the Planning Board, Director of Community Development and the voting members of the Local Housing Partnership. 


Meetings for voting members: The voting members shall meet, not less than monthly.

Meetings for advisory members: The advisory members will attend, not less than quarterly, one of the regularly scheduled monthly meetings with the voting members.