Cold Temperature Water Service Notice

Due to the extreme cold temperatures that continue to affect the area, the Department of Public Works advises residents that freezing pipes is a real concern for your water system. Keep thermostats set to 60˚ F or higher to ensure air temperatures around inside plumbing are warm enough to prevent the water inside from freezing. On particularly cold days and nights, it is a good idea to leave water running in a faucet slightly to keep water moving through the system. This movement helps to prevent the water from freezing and also draws warmer water from the main in the street into your water service and inside plumbing. Even underground piping is subject to freezing, depending on the outside temperature, frost depth, and pipe depth. The cost of water is small especially when compared to the potential cost from damages. As a reminder, homeowners are responsible for repairs to their service from their property line to the meter. Thank you for your attention to this matter.