Historic Commission

The Tewksbury Historical Commission is established by Massachusetts General Laws as accepted by Town Meeting. Its duties are directed toward the purpose of “preservation, protection, and development of the historical or archeological assets” of the town of Tewksbury.

The commission engages in various projects directed at helping safeguard and promote appreciation of Tewksbury’s rich heritage. Examples include administration of the town’s Demolition Delay By-Law in an effort to protect historically significant structures. The Commission coordinates with other town – and sometimes state - Boards and Agencies when town history issues are implicated. The Commission provided input to the Tewksbury's Master Plan for the Town, and has worked with the State Archeologist and Town Engineering Consultants to protect Native American and other Historic sites which might be affected by sewer and highway construction or other public works projects located within Sewer Expansion Program construction areas.  The Commission also coordinates with the Tewksbury Historical Society, an associated non profit corporation, which has grown to more than fifty members and sponsors speaking and educational programs throughout the year.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alexandra Lowder Administrative Assistant 978-640-4370 x248

Board Members