Station Information & Apparatus

Center Fire Station and Fire Apparatus

  • The Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Car 3, Engine 1, Ambulance 1, Ladder 1, and Rescue 1 operate out of the Center Fire Station.
  • The Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief are full time staff officers that work a day shift schedule; however, they are on call 24-7 for non-routine emergencies.
  • Car 3 is staffed with a full time captain and is the shift supervisor for the Department.
  • Fire Engine 1 is staffed full time with one lieutenant and two firefighters.
  • Ambulance 1 is the primary ambulance in Town and is staffed full time by two firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).
  • Ladder 1 is not permanently staffed; the crew from a responding sub-fire station engine company is diverted to staff the Ladder on call by call basis.
  • Rescue 1 is not permanently staffed; a member from the engine company responding from the Center Station is diverted to staff the Rescue on call by call basis.
  • One full time department secretary works the administrative day shift schedule at the Center Fire Station.

South Fire Station and Fire Apparatus

  • The South Station houses Engine 2, Engine 7 (brush truck), Trench Rescue Trailer, a reserve engine, and a reserve ambulance.
  • Fire Engine 2 is staffed full time with one lieutenant and two firefighters.
  • The Fire Prevention and Fire Investigation Offices are temporarily located within the Stations' Community Room.

North Fire Station and Fire Apparatus

  • The North Station houses Engine 3, Ambulance 3, and Car 9.
  • Fire Engine 3 is staffed full time with one lieutenant and two firefighter/EMTs
  • Ambulance 3 is the secondary ambulance in Town.  It is staffed by taking the two firefighter/EMTs from the engine company when a second ambulance call is received.  This action temporarily takes the engine company out of service; however, the lieutenant assigned to the station remains available to respond to emergencies and non-emergencies within the North district.  Although the lieutenant would not respond in an engine, his training and experience is used to direct and control other responders dispatched to the scene with him/her.

Engine companies are capable of rendering all the basic life support that an ambulance can provide.  They are staffed with the senior EMTs of the Department and can also perform heavy rescue if needed.  The only task an engine company cannot provide is the transport of a patient to a hospital.

The ambulance crews are fully cross-trained firefighter/EMTs.  When responding to a fire call they are responsible for securing a water supply for the engine company at the nearest hydrant location and then prepare to perform search and rescue operations.

Communications Center
Our 911 / Dispatch area is a joint communications center located at Tewksbury Police Headquarters.