2017 Ambulance Rechassis Project

The Department sent out it's 2010 E450 Horton Ambulance on December 1, 2017 to have a new chassis installed.  The project was awarded to Professional Vehicle Corporation of Rumford, Maine following an open and competitive bid process.  The photos below show the ambulance "box" off the chassis, being prepared for new paint, trim, and lettering.  This is the third ambulance rechassis project the Department has undertaken.  The vendor has 120 days to complete the project and it appears to be right on schedule.  A third party inspector will perform a thorough examination and complete fucntional test of the unit before it leaves the factory.  The Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Servcies will then perform their inspection before the unit will be certified and allowed to return to service caring for the resdients of Tewksbury.

We will update photos and information on this project as they become available.

Professional Vehicle Corp provided us with a loaner ambulance while ours is being worked on.  The loaner ambulance is used when either of our two remaining ambulances are out for service.

We have been given an estimated completion date of March 22, 2018.

2/21/18 Update

2/21/18 Update

2/21/18 Update

2/21/18 Update


2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 1

2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 2

2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 3

2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 4

2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 5

2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 6

2018 Rechassis Paint Prep 7