Community Preservation Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Preservation Committee is to fulfill the Community Preservation Act Legislation, evaluate the community preservation needs of the Town of Tewksbury in cooperation with the various Town Boards, committees, commissions and citizens for the maximum benefit to the Town.

The CPC will recommend to Town Meeting those projects which it feels will best achieve the purpose of the CPA which includes the preservation of open space and historic sites, and the creation of affordable housing and recreational facilities.

Decision making shall include the criteria as set forth by the Committee. Other relevant studies, as they become available, such as the Tewksbury's: Open Space and Recreation Plan, Capital Improvement Plan, Master Plan, Affordable Housing Plan and Historic Commission Documents may also be included.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Steven Sadwick 978-640-4370 x238
Alexandra Lowder (978) 640-4370 x248

Board Members