When Do I Need a Permit?

Building Permits

Do I need a permit for painting, or wallpapering?
No. These activities, as well as minor repairs such as replacing a few shingles on your house, are considered “ordinary repairs” by the state building code and do not require a permit. The code defines ordinary repairs as “Any maintenance which does not affect the structure, egress, fire protection systems, fire ratings, energy conservation provisions, plumbing, sanitary, gas electrical or other utilities.”
Is a permit required to replace windows in my home?

Yes. Window replacement is an energy conservation matter covered in the state building code.

Is a permit required to install a pool?
Yes. A building permit and electrical permit is required.  A plot plan is also needed.
Do I need a permit to put up a fence? What are the Town of Tewksbury regulations concerning fences?
The town does not have its own fence regulations. Tewksbury defers to the state laws on fencing. A permit is not required to put up a fence up to 6 feet in height. However, if the property is located on a corner, the corner clearance regulations in the Tewksbury zoning by-law must be followed.
 Do I need a permit to put a shed in my yard?

Yes.  A plot plan is required because there are zoning regulations that must be met when adding a structure to your property.

A building permit is required for all decks, additions, and remodels.  A checklist of what is requried can be found on the back of the Residential Building Permit Application under the Forms link.