What is the Annual Town Census?

Massachusetts General Law Chap. 51, Sec. 4 mandates an annual street listing of residents as of January 1st.  The Board of Registrars in coordination with the Town Clerk's Office sends out census forms to all Tewksbury households at the beginning of every year.  Look for your annual census form to arrive in the mail in early January.  The dog license renewal form is at the bottom of the census form. The census form asks for the name, gender, date of birth, and occupation of all residents in your household.

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1. What is the Annual Town Census?
2. Is the information collected public?
3. Can I register to vote on my census form?
4. Can I tell if I'm registered to vote from my census form?
5. Can I change my name or political party on my census form?
6. What is an Inactive Voter?
7. What if I lost my census form or didn't receive one?