What Can Be Done to Prevent CO Poisoning?
  • Do not burn charcoal inside a home, cabin, recreational vehicle, or camper.   
  • Do not use ovens and gas ranges to heat your home.   
  • Do not use unvented gas or kerosene space heaters in enclosed spaces.   
  • Ensure that appliances are properly adjusted and working to manufacturers' instructions and local building codes.   
  • Make sure stoves and heaters are vented to the outside and that exhaust systems do not leak.   
  • Make sure your furnace has an adequate intake of outside air.  
  • Never leave a car or lawnmower engine running in a shed or garage, or in any enclosed space.   
  • Obtain annual inspections for heating systems, chimneys, and flues and have them cleaned by a qualified technician.   
  • Open flues when fireplaces are in use.   
  • Use proper fuel in kerosene space heaters.  

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