What is the Planning Board?

The Planning Board has the responsibility to review certain proposed development projects in Town and make decisions on them in accordance with state and local bylaws. The Planning Board has five regular members who are elected. Planning Board members have a variety of backgrounds and volunteer to serve on the board. They are assisted by a professional staff that work in the Planning Division at the Town Offices during the day.

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1. What is the Planning Board?
2. Why did I receive a notice in the mail from the Planning Board?
3. How can I find out more about a proposed project that is before the Planning Board?
4. How often does the Planning Board meet, and what should I expect at the public hearing?
5. How do I get in touch with the Planning Board to make my concerns known if I cannot attend the Planning Board meeting?
6. Why didn't the Planning Board respond to my email or letter?
7. What happens after a public hearing is closed?
8. Will I be notified of the decision of the Planning Board?