What is an Inactive Voter?

An inactive voter is a voter who failed to return the census.  Any voter who does not respond to the annual census by the first Monday in June is made inactive.  Voters who are made inactive are immediately sent a confirmation card. This mailing notifies the voter that their name has been removed from the active voting list and has been placed on the inactive voting list and provides the voter with an opportunity to activate themselves by signing the postage prepaid confirmation card and returning it to the Town Clerk's Office. Voters can also be reinstated by voting in an election or town meeting or signing a petition or nomination paper.  

On Election Day or Town Meeting Day, inactive voters are allowed to vote, but they must provide ID matching the address listed on the voter’s list as well as complete an Affirmation of Current & Continuous Residence. This takes the voter and warden time to complete, so we encourage all voters to return their census forms.

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