Whipple Road Water Main Replacement Project

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Project Description

This project involves upgrades to the water distribution system piping on Whipple Road from the Lowell City Line to just beyond the Chandler Street intersection.  The Contractor for this work is C.J.P. and Sons Construction Co., Inc. of Millis, MA. The upgrades include replacing the existing 6” to 12” transite and cast iron water main with new 8” to 12” ductile iron water main. This new water main will provide greater flow capacity due to its larger pipe diameter. The new pipe will also have greater structural stability due to the piping material type (ductile iron) which is less prone to water main breaks. Water service connections between the new 8” ductile iron water main and the curb stop (valve typically located at the property line of each house) will also be replaced with new HDPE tubing (1” diameter in most locations). Existing fire hydrants and hydrant piping will be replaced with new hydrants. Additionally, several new fire hydrants will be installed throughout the project area in locations where there are not existing fire hydrants. The increased size of the water main along with the new fire hydrants will allow for greater fire protection capabilities throughout these neighborhoods. 

Temporary Bypass Water Main is planned for use some locations during this project where necessary.  There will be some water service interruptions that are necessary during this construction project. Notices will be distributed to affected households at least 48 hours in advance of the anticipated shutdowns.

Project Location

Whipple Road from the Lowell City Line to just beyond the Chandler Street intersection

Anticipated Construction Dates

Work is tentatively scheduled to begin in September 2022.  This start date may potentially change based on water piping supply chain issues.  The 2022 construction season ends on November 15, 2022 to allow for winter snow and ice operations.  The 2023 construction season will open on April 3, 2023.  The total time for water main and service installation is expected to take approximately nine months (not including winter work stoppages).

Typical Work Hours

Monday to Friday from 7:00AM to 3:30PM excluding holidays.

Roadway Closure/Detour Information

Starting on Monday, October 17, 2022 a roadway closure and detour will be implemented on Whipple Road as part of the Whipple Road Water Main Replacement Project.  Whipple Road is to be closed between the Rogers Street and Marston Street intersections and will be detoured during construction hours only (typically 7:00AM to 3:30PM) on Monday to Friday.  Traffic will be detoured in both directions utilizing Rogers Street and Marston Street as a detour route.  Residents that live within the closed portion of Whipple Road will be able to bypass the roadway closure to get to and from their residences.  Depending on where the construction work zone is located each day, residents will need to access their houses from either the Rogers Street or Marston Street end of Whipple Road.  This construction work is planned to start at the Rogers Street intersection and will progress south towards Marston Street.  Traffic Control Officers will be on-site to direct traffic and detour signs will be posted along the detour route and at side streets within the roadway closure area.  This roadway closure and detour is anticipated to last approximately four to six weeks.

School Buses will not be impacted by these detours and will allowed to bypass the detour routes in order to pickup and drop-off students at their normal times and locations.  Trash collection and mail/package delivery vehicles will also be allowed to bypass the roadway closure to access residences.  Due to narrow roadway widths in some areas, tractor trailers will also be allowed to bypass the detour route.


We apologize for the inconvenience and delays cause by these detours.  If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Stack at the Tewksbury DPW at 978-640-4440 x256 or astack@tewksbury-ma.gov.

Project Updates

September 9, 2022 Update

Notices of upcoming Whipple Road water main construction were distributed earlier this week to residents on Whipple Road between the Lowell City Line and Rogers Street.  Starting September 12, 2022, CJP and Sons Construction will begin marking out the location of the new water main and sawcutting the pavement.  Residents can expect traffic delays on Whipple Road while they are marking out and sawcutting the roadway.  Police Details will be on site to direct traffic.  It is recommended to avoid this area if alternate routes are available to you.

The excavation work is now planned to begin on approximately September 26, 2022.  This date is approximate and the actual start date may be a few days earlier or later.  The initial work location has been updated from the notices that were previously distributed.  Work is now planned to begin at the Whipple Road/French Street intersection and will progress towards Rogers Street.  The Lowell City Line to French Street portion will be completed at a later date.

Any residents that have irrigation systems and/or electric dog fences located within the Town’s right-of-way are advised to mark out their location in order to prevent being damaged by excavation.  Please note that the Town is not responsible for any damages to these components installed within the Town’s right-of-way but we will make every effort to avoid damaging them if we are made aware of their presence.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Andrew Stack at astack@tewksbury-ma.gov or by calling (978) 640-4440, ext. 256.


The contractor for this project is C.J.P. and Sons Construction Co., Inc of Millis, Massachusetts.

Project Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Stack, Project Manager at (978) 640-4440 x256 or astack@tewksbury-ma.gov.

Project Documents

Whipple Road Locus Map