Shawsheen Street Sidewalk Project

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Project Description

The DPW/Engineering Division is working with a contractor to construct a sidewalk along Shawsheen Street from Main Street to #1650 Shawsheen Street. The sidewalk will be located on the west side of Shawsheen Street. The result of the project will be a sidewalk along Shawsheen Street from East Street to Sullivan Parkway, near the Billerica Town Line. The project also includes improvements to the intersection along Shawsheen Street. The intersection of Shawsheen Street and Bridge Street will be adjusted to improve sight distances. The intersection of Memorial Drive and Old Shawsheen Street will be modified to create distinct intersections and reduce the crossing length for pedestrians. Stormwater BMPs will be installed at the Old Shawsheen Street and Mohawk Drive intersection to reduce pollutants in the stormwater discharge. The project entails approximately 2.2 miles of new continuous sidewalk. Keep posted for future updates.

Project Location

Shawsheen Street

Typical Work Hours

Work hours are typically Monday to Friday from 7:00AM to 3:30PM excluding holidays.

Roadway Closure/Detour Information

7/11/2022 Update

The intersection of Shawsheen Street and Bridge Street will be reworked to provide a safer intersection. This construction is scheduled to begin on or around July 12, 2022 and is expected to take 3-4 days to complete. Driveways will be accessible throughout construction; however, the intersection will be busy for the next few days. As a result, residents may require more time than usually when driving through the area and if possible, it is recommended to avoid the area entirely.

Project Updates

5/5/2023 Update

For increased safety, coated wire was added to the railing at the Strong Water Brook crossing. 

9/27/2022 UpdateShawsheen Street

As we enter the final stages of the sidewalk project, the contractor has started the process of hydro-seeding disturbed areas.

9/14/2022 Update

The Town’s contractor has started excavation work related to the roadway reconfiguration at Memorial Drive, Old Shawsheen Street, and Shawsheen Street. 

9/8/2022 Update

As part of the sidewalk project on Shawsheen Street, the area where Memorial Drive, Old Shawsheen Street, and Shawsheen Street meet will be reconfigured to improve safety for pedestrian travel. Currently, pedestrians must walk over 100-feet of roadway to get from one sidewalk to the other. The new configuration will separate the roadway with a “refuge” island, increasing safety for pedestrians crossing the street. Work is expected to begin within the next few weeks.

7/13/2022 Update

The process to lessen the curve and create a safer intersection at Shawsheen Street and Bridge Street began today. Previously, drivers traveling on Shawsheen Street towards Main Street had to drive up a small incline while the roadway curved to the right slightly. Once improvements to the intersection are completed, the curvature of the roadway will be reduced, which will increase safety in the area. This work is part of the sidewalk installation project currently under construction on Shawsheen Street. 

4/5/2022 Update

Construction has resumed for the season. The Contractor is currently working on the sidewalks from Ballard Street towards Dascomb Road. While under construction, it is advised not to use the sidewalks.

12/20/2021 Update

The Contractor has ended construction for the season. They will return in the spring to resume work. Since the work is not complete and the area is still considered a construction zone, the Town will not be clearing snow from the sidewalks this winter. Residents are reminded to exercise caution in this area.

11/9/2021 Update

The Contractor continues to progress the work on the Shawsheen Street sidewalk. They have been installing the asphalt berm and fine grading the gravel base in preparation for the asphalt sidewalk.

9/3/2021 Update

Except for a few hundred feet either side of Bridge Street, the sidewalk has been rough graded from Market Basket to Ballard Street. We ask that residents not walk on through the construction area as the surface is uneven. Work is still ongoing and in the upcoming weeks drainage structures will be installed, curbing, access ramps and paving will be completed, weather permitting.


McIver Brothers General Contractors, Inc

Project Contacts

If you have questions please contact Randy Burley, Project Manager, at 978-640-4440, or