Pike Street & Astle Street Water Main Replacement Project

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Project Description

This project involves upgrades to the water distribution system piping on Pike Street and Astle Street. The Contractor for this work is C.J.P. and Sons Construction Co., Inc. of Millis, MA. The upgrades include replacing the existing 6” transite water main with an 8” ductile iron water main. This new water main will provide greater flow capacity due to its larger pipe diameter. The new pipe will also have greater structural stability due to the piping material type (ductile iron) which is less prone to water main breaks. Water service connections between the new 8” ductile iron water main and the curb stop (valve typically located at the property line of each house) will also be replaced with new HDPE tubing (1” diameter in most locations). Existing fire hydrants and hydrant piping will be replaced with new hydrants. Additional, several new fire hydrants will be installed throughout the project area in locations where there are not existing fire hydrants. The increased size of the water main along with the new fire hydrants will allow for greater fire protection capabilities throughout these neighborhoods. 

Temporary Bypass Water Main is planned for use during this project. However, there may be some water service interruptions that are necessary during this construction project. Notices will be distributed to affected households at least 48 hours in advance of the anticipated shutdowns.

Project Location

This work is to occur on Pike Street (from Main Street to Dolores Drive) and Astle Street (from the Lowell City Line to #249 Astle Street).

Anticipated Construction Dates

Water main installation work has been completed. Final trench milling and overlay paving is anticipated to occur fall 2022.

Typical Work Hours

Work hours are typically Monday to Friday from 7:00AM to 3:30PM excluding holidays.

Roadway Closure/Detour Information

No roadway closures or detours are planned until final paving occurs in Fall 2022.

Project Updates

7/14/2022 Update

CJP and Sons Construction has completed the water main installation work on Pike St. and Astle Street.  After 90 days of trench settlement has passed, CJP will return to perform final trench milling and overlay pavement.  This is anticipated to occur in late September 2022.  At that time any erosion controls will be removed and any final restoration work will be completed.

4/1/2022 Update

Work is anticipated to begin on April 4, 2022 starting on Pike Street. This work on Pike Street will continue to approximately mid-May. Once Pike Street is completed, work will begin on Astle Street. A roadway closure and detour will be implemented during construction. See below for details on the planned detour route.


The Contractor for this work is C.J.P. and Sons Construction Co., Inc. of Millis, MA.

Project Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Stack, Project Manager at (978) 640-4440 x256 or astack@tewksbury-ma.gov.

Project Documents

Pike Street Locus

Astle Street Locus