Shawsheen Overlook

This 9.55 acres of land with an official address of '760 South Street / Behind' was deeded to the ConservationShawsheen OverlookCommission in 1993 as part of a Cluster Development Special Permit (x) approved by the Planning Board. In 2017, the Tewksbury Conservation Commission, Town Staff, and a group of dedicated volunteers came up with a plan to create a riverwalk within the beautiful upland portion of this parcel that overlooks the Shawsheen River. On Earth Day 2018, resident volunteers came together to bring this plan to life by establishing a marked Riverwalk trail, installing a kiosk, and adding two benches to this parcel. This parcel can most easily be recognized as 'the land across from the Elks'. Recreationally, this parcel provides beautiful wildlife observation areas, a kayak launch, and fishing access.

(x) A 'Cluster Development' or 'Open Space Residential Development' allows a developer to increase the density of development in exchange for permanently protected open space land.