Stormwater Management Program

The Town of Tewksbury Department of Public Works manages the Stormwater Management Program and is continuously working on fulfilling the requirements of the EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) MS4 Stormwater Permit Regulations. The EPA's NPDES Stormwater Permit Regulations is federally mandated for all municipalities to eliminate all pollutants to the waters within their jurisdictions.

The Town of Tewksbury's Stormwater Management Program consists of Public Education, Illicit Discharge Detection, System Mapping, Water Quality Testing, Construction Site Runoff Control, and Good House Keeping Practices.

Stormwater GraphicWhat is Stormwater?

Stormwater is any runoff from rain or snow melt that drains into the Town’s drainage systems and ultimately ends up in groundwater, ponds, streams and/or wetland resource areas.

Why Does Stormwater Matter?

As rain or snow melt flows over paved surfaces it carries with it any pollutants such as oils, fertilizer, sand, and trash. The pollutants will eventually enter groundwater, ponds, streams and/or wetland resource areas and will contaminate drinking water supplies, fish and wildlife habitat.

How can residents help keep our stormwater clean?

  • Do not dump household waste such as paint, cleaning products, motor oils, antifreeze, pet waste or any other hazardous material into catch basins, streams, ponds and wetland areas
  • Minimize the use of fertilizers near grated catch basins, streams, ponds and wetland areas
  • Maintain your home’s septic tank and leaching field by regularly pumping and repairing when necessary
  • Whenever possible use environmentally friendly, biodegradable products when cleaning outside
  • Do not drain chlorinated swimming pools into grated catch basins or onto the street
  • If you must wash your car at home, wash it on the lawn to encourage infiltration and use low-phosphate detergents
  • Always dispose of pet waste in the trash
  • Minimize salt use on walkways and driveways near streams, ponds and/or wetland areas
  • Make sure your vehicle or yard equipment is not leaking any oils or fluids
  • Always Remember: Only Rain in the Drain

How can business owners help keep our stormwater clean?

  • Keep your dumpster area clean and your dumpster’s lid closed. Never fill it with liquid waste or hose it out.
  • Clean mats, filters and garbage cans in a mop sink, wash rack or floor drain connected to the sewer through a grease trap. Never wash them in a parking lot, sidewalk or street.
  • Use dry methods for spill cleanup. Never hose down spills.
  • Recycle grease and oil. Do not pour it into sinks, floor drains, catch basins or onto a parking lot.
  • Always keep waste liquid bins covered and contained.
  • Recycle solvents, used filters, anti-freeze, batteries, lubricants and metal filings.
  • Use drip pans underneath vehicles to capture fluids. Use absorbent cleaning agents instead of water to clean work areas.

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Construction Sites

  • Do not store or stockpile materials near a storm drain, catch basins, wetlands or streams 
  • Schedule excavation, grading and paving operations for dry weather periods
  • Maintain and install silt sacks in catch basins, hay bales and silt fences as needed
  • Protect stockpiles by storing under a roof, impermeable tarp, or plastic sheeting
  • Prevent erosion by implementing soil stabilization practices such as mulching and temporary seeding
  • Never pump water directly into the town’s grated catch basins, wetlands, stream and rivers 

Public Awareness Materials


Flyers & Mailers

Seasonal Educational Messages

Read these educational messages that are distributed seasonally via social media, public access television, and the Town's website:

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Events & Outreach Programs

As part of the Stormwater Public Outreach and Awareness for the NPDES permit, DPW Engineering Division staff members participate in town events such as the Community Farmers Market and National Night Out. Staff Members also give presentations at schools and to community groups. If you have opportunities for the staff to speak or set up our Stormwater Public Display Booth, please contact us, and will be happy to take part.

Stormwater demonstration at school


View the Town's Stormwater Public Service Announcements, Public Presentations and Training Videos on Town's YouTube Stormwater Playlist:

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Newspaper Articles

Read about our Stormwater program in the local publications:

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Take Our Stormwater Quiz!

Take a short quiz / survey and test your knowledge about Stormwater and Stormwater Funding in the Town of Tewksbury, MA.

Stormwater Enterprise

For more information on the Stormwater Enterprise Fee and how it is billed, please visit this site:

View the Stormwater Enterprise page

Northern Middlesex Stormwater CollaborativeLogo of the Northern Middlesex Stormwater Collaborative

The Town of Tewksbury, along with 13 other neighboring communities, is part of the Northern Middlesex Stormwater Collaborative (NMSC), which is a regional stormwater collaborative that undertakes many of the public education,  procurement, management, and administrative tasks necessary for managing Stormwater in the Northern Middlesex region.

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