The Town of Tewksbury has adopted a variety of Real Estate Tax Exemptions to reduce property tax obligations for qualifying taxpayers.

Please note that applications are only available and accepted July 1st through April 1st of each fiscal year. Applications will not be accepted after April 1st through June 30th.

In the chart below you will see an overview of most of the exemptions offered. If you feel you may qualify for one please call or stop by our office so we can determine your eligibility.

Exemption (State Clause) Who Can Apply Asset Limit as of July 1 Income Limit as of July 1 Potential Exemption Amount
17D Senior age 65 + $55,000 None $500
17D Widowed $55,000 None $500
17D Minor Child $55,000 None $500
41C Single or Widowed age 65+ $40,000
41C Married age 65+ $55,000
37A Legally Blind None None
CPA Age 60+ None Determined annually by US HUD Varies
Veteran Exemptions Who Can Apply (Spouses may be eligible) Potential Exemption Amount
22 Veterans with Service Connected Disability of 10% or more, Veterans Awarded Purple Heart $600
Veterans with loss of one foot, hand or eye, Veterans who received one of a select few awards
22E Veterans with Service Connected Disability of 100 Percent $1000
22D Surviving Spouses of Military Personnel MIA during active duty, Military Personnel or Veterans who died as a result of injury or illness during active duty Varies
Other N / A
41A – Tax Deferral 65+ with an annual income of $64,000 or less
18 – Hardship 65+ and mental or physical ailment and financial deprivation
Citizens Fund Dependent on available funds

Please note: When applying for a Real Estate Exemption you will be required to submit documentation from specific time periods to prove eligibility. Also know there is an ownership and occupancy requirement that varies depending on the exemption.