Green Living / Sustainability Links

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Massachusetts DEP
Useful recycling information and regulations


Bottle Bill Resource Guide
Information on the bottle bill provided by the Container Recycling Institute
Answer some of your recycling/waste questions
Earth 911
Look for places to recycle items not handled by Tewksbury’s program
Everything Preschool
Recycling games that every preschool teacher should check out
Environmental Kids Club
Information and games by the USEPA for both kids and teachers.
The Conversionator
Calculate your recycling impact.  Developed by the National Recycling Coalition
Songs for Teaching
Many topics, including the song “R-E-C-Y-C-L-E” by Tom Chapin
Learn about saving energy in the home.  Fun for the whole family!
Vegweb - Composting
Some good information on composting.
National Recycling Coalition
Recycling information - including the end products of  recycled materials
The Green Team
The Green Team is an interactive educational program that empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.
Can’t decide between a live/real or artificial Christmas tree?  Check this link out and then check out the rest of the site for some good information
Resourceful Schools
The Saint Louis County Resourceful Schools Project (RSP) is a collaboration between Cooperating School Districts and Saint Louis County Department of Health to support reducing, reusing and recycling in both schools and communities.
RSP assists Saint Louis County schools by supporting recycling programs, promoting purchase of recycled content products, and providing innovative lessons in math, science, social studies and communication arts related to the study of sold waste.
Recycle City
Game by the USEPA where YOU become the Town Manager and learn what happens with your trash and how you can save money through recycling.
Kids Recycling Challenge
Wal-Mart has a way for schools to make money.  The TRC is looking into getting the program into our area.